Zayn in Rio de Janeiro two months ago.

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ya know some ppls tags used to highly disturb me but now i’m so unphased to the weirdness that i see tags like ‘shit on my face’ and ‘stick your entire body up my ass’ i’m just like me too

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Title: A Little Bit Of Your Heart
Artist: Ariana Grande
Played: 247643 times

written by Harry Styles and Johan Carlsson

i don’t ever ask you
where you’ve been
and i don’t feel the need to
know who you’re with
i can’t even think straight
but i can tell
that you were just with her
and i’ll still be your fool
i’m a fool for you

just a little bit of your heart [x3]
is all i want
just a little bit of your heart [x2]
just a little bit is all i’m asking for

i don’t ever tell you
how i really feel
i can’t find the words to
say what i mean
nothing’s ever easy
that’s what they say
i know i’m not your only
but i’ll still be your fool
'cause i'm a fool for you


i know i’m not your only
but at least i’m one

i heard a little love
is better than none

[chorus x2]

August 11th   Washington, D.C.

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